True Fun for All - Mobile and PC Gaming Unite!

Realgames brings you captivating experiences across mobile and PC platforms, offering a perfect blend of fun and fairness. While our mobile games feature moderate and optional in-app purchases, our PC games are free of such extras. Jump into the realm of pure enjoyment without the pressure to pay!

About Us

Welcome to Realgames, where we unite mobile and PC gaming under the banner of "True Fun for All!" Established in 2022 by our tech-savvy founder, we strive to redefine gaming with engaging, fair, and innovative experiences.

We're committed to creating immersive games that appeal to a wide range of players. Our mobile games feature moderate and optional in-app purchases, ensuring everyone can enjoy our creations without feeling pressured to spend. For PC gamers, our titles focus on delivering captivating experiences across various genres.

Currently, we're developing two unannounced titles, each designed to offer unique and memorable gameplay. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of gaming technology, providing fresh and innovative experiences with every release.

At Realgames, we value open dialogue with our players, using their feedback to shape the future of our games. Together, we aim to build a gaming landscape filled with thrilling adventures and endless fun.

Join us on this exciting journey, and experience the true fun of Realgames – where mobile and PC gaming unite!

Technologies we use

Tech we use

Unity Game Engine:
At Realgames, we harness the power of the Unity game engine to develop high-quality, versatile, and immersive games for both mobile and PC platforms. Unity's flexible and robust framework enables us to create interactive experiences that captivate our players and keep them engaged.

Blender Art:
We utilize Blender, an industry-leading 3D modeling and animation software, to bring our game worlds to life. Our talented artists craft visually stunning and unique game assets, characters, and environments that elevate the gaming experience for our diverse community of players.

Various Microsoft Technologies:
Our development process is streamlined by leveraging Microsoft technologies, such as Visual Studio and Windows. These tools enable our team to work efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver innovative gaming experiences that are compatible across a wide range of devices.


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